Part one of my continuous culinary journey to discover Oslo's delicious and hidden wonders!

With so many burger choices in Oslo, one has to look thoroughly (or get tipped by a friend) to find a good place to dine in. And if you're one of those people who thinks that a burger is just a burger, you're up for a surprise!

Part of my culinary journey in Oslo that will extend the whole summer and possibly beyond.

I first noticed the small restaurant on Skippergata one day while crossing in front of it. Over the course of few weeks, my subconsciousness had registered countless memories of Foodora cyclists parking at that exact location, but my conscious brain didn't make a connection just yet. Then it hit me! That restaurant is a hot commodity — though without any shortage — among Oslo residents.

So one day last month I decided to drop by and introduce myself and that's how I met Magnus who manages the place. He was very helpful and told me the story behind Tommi's (follows) and was eager to take part in my culinary journey in Oslo.

So yesterday I went there with my friend to taste Tommi's burger and photograph our culinary experience.

Entering Tommi's Burger Joint on Skippergata

I asked Tommi's about the restaurant's journey:

Tomas 'Tommi' Tómasson

Way back in 1981 in Iceland, the first Tommi's was called "Hamburgers" and raised the burger to its rightful place as a must-have food. In just three years, Tommi's sold over one million burgers and when the chain reached 7 restaurants, Tommi had to expand out of Iceland to grow further.

Today, Tommi's has seventeen restaurants around the world: seven in Iceland, two in Berlin, three in London, three in Denmark, one in Sweden and two in Norway — the third is planned to open later this year. Tommi still keeps his love for the burger all this time: working on the grill, eating at least one burger every day since launch, and looking forward to the first bite when he shows up at work in the morning.

Tommi also claims that a good burger is healthy: "Did you stop and think what's in a burger? There's good meat, bread, salad and tomatoes with ketchup, mustard and some mayonnaise." Well, I cannot argue with that since I'm not a nutritionist, but I'm fairly certain that eating with a positive approach to food is very good.

Tommi's Burger Joint's sauces and light additions

Why should we care about dining at Tommi's?

Tommi's only cooperates with the best suppliers to ensure that the best raw materials find their way to the best burger. With fresh and hand-pressed meat from Krosby, and our proprietary hamburger bread from Miller's bakery in England, Tommi's is the foundation for the best burger in the market. It's spiced with iceberg lettuce, steak and red onions, and presented with french fries with Tommi's home-made Béarnaise or Tommi's sauce.

It's important to have good cold drink for the food, so diners get a Coca Cola m.m. on the box served with their burger. Should anyone want a milkshake for the burger, however, Tommi's got their own recipes powered by ice imported from Iceland. Now that's cool!

Tommi's burger and bread being prepared

Favorite meal?

A picture says much more than words. A burger with cheese and bacon, a cold coke and sweet potato fries. Yummy!

Tommi's burger with cheese and bacon

Final thoughts

I was happy to know that there's an offering for vegetarians and that's a rarity among burger-focused restaurants. Although we're not vegetarians, my friend actually ordered the vege-burger which, she said, tasted extremely good.

Tommi's Burger Joint at Skippergata is a culinary wonder. Not only it was packed with customers when we arrived (on a rainy day), but the two girls behind the counter were very enthusiastic and helpful while I was busy photographing and documenting the visit. I really like small places like this one and although Tommi's got another bigger branch, I think I'll be sticking to this one.

Tommi's burger-friendly girls behind the scene

Did you dine already at Tommi's Burger Joint?

Tell us about your experience!